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Dermal Fillers In Mature Lips Vs. Young Lips

Sometimes, too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing.

In terms of dermal fillers, it’s important to select an experienced injector who understands this concept, and applies it to their plan of care.

Yes, dermal fillers are an actual care plan. A good injector will have open dialogue about achievable results in 1 session. Some of the best lips are created over multiple sessions and can take several years to recreate.

Younger lips are naturally fuller and the overall aesthetic of the face can accommodate a more voluminous lip.

Before and immediately after with one syringe of lip filler for a younger client.

As we age, we need to replace volume, but more importantly, we need to address structural changes, evidenced by a thin upper lip and absent vermillion border.

This mature client achieved phenomenal results after just half a syringe of lip filler.

The injectors technique and product selection will likely differ depending on the age of the client and presentation of the lips.

Finally, a good injector will respect an individual’s anatomy and the client’s aesthetic ideals.

Some may only want 0.5ml and/or that’s all their lip will accommodate, while others prefer lips that will accommodate 1ml+.

Feel free to book a complimentary consultation with me and discussion about your medical aesthetic goals.

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