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3 Reasons You Need To Visit A Professional Skin Care Nurse

Summer has officially ended, and you may find your skin feeling dehydrated, loss of elasticity, and dull looking. The sun can do wonders for our complexion, but balancing sun exposure is crucial for long lasting, healthy, youthful skin. So how can you best understand your personal level of skin exposure? Well, this generally depends on where you fall on the

Fitzpatrick scale . Have you heard of the Fitzpatrick scale?

In short, the Fitzpatrick scale is a numerical scale that measures the amount of melanin in the skin after exposure to the sun. It was developed to measure how skin reacts to ultraviolet light, aka sun exposure. Now let's shed some light on the 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit A Professional Skin Care Nurse, based on my experience.

Consultation Process

When you schedule an appointment with a Skin Care Nurse, you will be asked to take a skin care questionnaire, and a health history. This information will be used to address and analyze your specific skin type, address your skin care concerns, explore their origins, and suggest apppropriate changes to your skincare regimen. This due diligence process ensures you have the best possible expected outcomes for your skincare goals. Cosmetic Medicine nurses have undergone additional training in skin disease management and prevention. They can detect signs of dehydration, over production of oil, skin disorders and more.

Professional Products

A Skin Care Nurse has a professional license to analyze and treat skin. Additionally, a Skin Care Nurse has additional skill sets, to perform controlled acts below the dermis, operate equipment to treat skin disorders, and to supply medical grade ingredients to clients.

Professional grade and Medical grade skincare products are sold under the direction of a Physician or Nurse Practioner and are therefore able to contain higher concentrations of active ingredients clinically proven to transform the skin. Medical grade products can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and deliver wonderful results compared to OTC products.

Passionate Consumers

First of all, Skin Care Nurses are humans consumers as well. Our skin is not immune to stress, hormones, seasonal changes and aging. This makes us passionate consumers of high grade skincare products and procedures. In other words, we are living and breathing "skin care junkies". A Skin Care Nurse has unique opportuinites to trial advanced dermatologist-tested products and procedures from sales reps and training facilities.

This gives a Skin Care Nurse the ability to better understand high quality ingredients and advanced procedures and offer them to clients.

So what is the take away from all of this? Facials and skincare procedures come at all different price points. The price point reflects the professional value you receive. When choosing a practitioner for your skin care needs, take into consideration, their knowledge, experience.

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