What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your appointment, we kindly ask you do so at least least 48 hours before your appointment. If appointments are cancelled in less than 48 hours, a $50 cancellation fee is to be paid prior to re-booking your next appointment with us. Sickness or COVID-19 related situations are considered exceptions. Please let us know if you are having any symptoms prior to your appointment. As per Public Health recommendations, COVID screening will be done when you arrive for your scheduled appointment.

What is your return policy?

There is a 14 day return policy on products purchased at The Beauty Lab Medical Cosmetics. Please present your purchase receipt upon return. Products must be returned in new or gently used condition if you are unsatisfied with the product's results.The Beauty Lab monitors return activity by customers for abuse, and if we detect what we consider to be excessive or potentially fraudulent return activity from a customer, that customer may be notified in writing that we will no longer accept any returns from that customer, with or without a receipt. All returns are subject to validation and approval at The Beauty Lab's discretion. Returns can be brought back in person to our studio at 3 Kent Street West, Lindsay, ON or shipped. The Beauty Lab Lindsay is not responsible for the cost of shipping associated with returns.

General Questions

What products do you recommend for dry skin?

Skin is very dynamic, meaning the condition of our skin can fluctuate with factors such as stress, extreme heat or cold and with overall general health. Tightness and dryness are the telltale signs of dry and dehydrated skin. I would suggest products with powerful peptides and an acid-free smoothing complex to support skin resilience and tone. The idea is to restore the skin’s natural moisture, remodel the skin barrier and protect it from environmental assaults. My top 3 recommendations for dry, dehydrated skin are: Dermalogica’s Super Rich Repair Prescription grade hyaluronic acid (this can be obtained during a complimentary skin mapping analysis session with our professional nurse skin care specialist) Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon for night time skin recovery

What skin care treatments do you recommend for acne prone skin?

Acne is a complex medical condition and is often multifactorial in nature. I would recommend a 1:1 skin mapping session with our RN skin care specialist to identify all the triggers contributing to the acne prone skin. Once the assessment is done, the RN will offer several options to treat, control and prevent acne breakouts. A variety of procedures may be offered to address the active acne or to treat scarring and hyperpigmentation post breakout. A Beta (salicylic acid) peel is an excellent choice to exfoliate the skin, address oil production and target bacteria that causes acne. Microneedling can help to address scarring and hyperpigmentation. Finally, a proper skin care routine using Dermalogica’s professional grade skin care, is an excellent way to treat or prevent acne in the future.

What is a Caviar facial and why should I consider it as your next skin care treatment?

As an extension of her Maritime roots, the owner of The Beauty Lab has added the extremely luxe and highly sought after Caviar facial to the service menu. Sourced from 10 year old Sturgeon, straight from St. John’s, NB, this delicacy is often associated with upscale soirees for the rich and famous. For this reason, slathering caviar on the face seems like a service for the most privileged.
We’re of the opinion, the benefits afforded by this marine extract are so extensive that they should be enjoyed by everyone. The caviar facial uses a mix of caviar , marine extract to gently exfoliate, cleanse and infuse the face with collagen enhancing nutrients. Fresh caviar eggs are rich in peptides and essential amino acids that work at regenerating mature and acne-prone skin. Benefits of a Caviar Facial ● Amino acids are vital to your skin’s health. The amino acids in caviar can be absorbed directly into the skin, which can help it to rejuvenate. This allows for the younger, fresher skin we all seek to achieve and maintain. ● Your skin is most aided by skin-like cells. An interesting fact is that caviar cell structure is remarkably like human skin cell structure. This can actually speed up your skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself using the elements of caviar. Additionally, caviar is anti-aging, slowing down the skin’s aging process, and it helps to stimulate the production of high-quality collagen at greater speed. ● Omega-3 fatty acids help your skin achieve a beautiful, radiant glow. Caviar, like many other foods from the sea, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats actually form a protective layer on your skin that helps it to shine beautifully. Even a single session can bring about remarkable improvements, such as reduced wrinkles and other signs of aging, increased skin oxygenation, greater skin elasticity and suppleness, and better texture.

What is the difference between Aquagold Mesotherapy and Microneedling?

Inessence,Aquagoldisamicroneedlingprocedure. Aquagolduses24karat gold plated microneedles. The attached applicator is filled with custom serum cocktails and gently pressed into the skin, targeting the epidermal/dermal junction. The ingredients of each cocktail are very specific to the client’s skin care needs and include things like, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and even botox.. that are The goal of Aquagold mesotherapy is to smooth skin texture, reduce pore size appearance and target skin discoloration. Microneedling is a procedure used to treat fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation. Microneedling creates channels in the skin, causing controlled micro injuries within the dermis. As the skin heals, it remodels itself and induces collagen production which offers the skin a glamorous glow and fresh new look. While both procedures are minimally invasive, the redness caused by Aquagold lasts about 4 hours, whereas the redness exhibited by microneedling can last 1-3 days.

How often should I get microneedling done?

As a general rule of thumb, microneedling treatment can be safely done about once a month or every 4 to 6 weeks.
We lose 1% of our collagen each year after the age of 30. Initial results from collagen rebuilding treatments are usually visible immediately. However, new collagen growth can take anywhere from four to 12 weeks to complete. For this reason, we suggest 2-3 treatments for optimal skin rejuvenation results.

What is the difference between cosmetic Botox and Fillers?

The difference lies in how the products work. Botox reduces wrinkles by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin, responsible for fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers work by plumping up areas of the skin that have lost fullness due to aging.
At The Beauty Lab we use Botox, Nuceiva, and Xeomin for wrinkle relaxers. For dermal fillers we use the world’s #1 Dermal Filler, Health Canada Approved Teyosal and Juvederm.