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with Cosmetic Nurse Crystal Connell

Welcome to "In Your Face", a beauty blog that addresses all things, you guessed it, "BEyouTY". Let's start by getting to know one another! My name is Crystal Connell and I'm the owner of The Beauty Lab Medical Cosmetics. As a 20 year senior level Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator, I have become an expert in understanding human anatomy, physiology, biological chemistry and disease processes. With advanced certification in Cardiac Care and Hemodialysis, I have the skills knowledge and ability to handle complex and critical situations. In addition to all this, I am a Certified Cosmetic RN Injector and Mentor. I believe diversity, individuality and personality are the true benchmarks of beauty. My goal as a certified cosmetic nurse and skincare specialist is to help you fall in love with who you see in the mirror, through natural medical cosmetic enhancements.

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