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Lip Flips. Who Are They Right For?

Smile You’re On Candid Camera

OK, I definitely just aged myself with that phrase and I’m ok with that. Age is just a number, right? That’s how we feel about age in the cosmetic medicine industry.

So back to the topic at hand. Other than the eyes, the smile is probably the most important feature on your face.

With the onslaught of zoom meetings, and never ending facetime calls we attend, we have become increasingly aware of our facial features. So much so, 50.8 million people search #lip flip on the popular video app Tik Tok.

So what is a lip flip? How does it differ from lip filler? Why you should consider getting a lip flip?

A “lip flip” is a procedure that uses very minimal units of Botox (brand) to achieve a more everted lip. This action gives the appearance of a fuller more voluptuous lip without the volume. A lip flip is a low risk, economical procedure for those testing the lip enhancement waters.

On the flip side this procedure isn’t for everyone. A lip flip will last on average 12 weeks.

By contrast, dermal fillers placed in the lip will last upwards of 12 months.

Current beauty standards indicate, full voluminous lips are in style. If this is an aesthetic goal for your pout, you may be disappointed with the subtle enhancement offered by a lip flip.

This client benefited with a fuller looking top lip and diminished her "gummy" smile.

To discuss further which option best suits your aesthetic goals, book a complimentary consultation.

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