Does anyone else feel personally attacked by gunky pores...? You’re not alone bbg, we’re over it too. That’s why we created Nosé Vacuum Strips, the baddest strips in the game, doused in positivity, good vibes and natural plant-based ingredients formulated to not only degunk your pores, but to also exfoliate dead skin, tighten your pores post-treatment, and leave you glowing. Nosé Vacuum Strips help clean out the gunk from your nose, forehead and chin while visibly reducing the appearance of pores. we vibe with that over here. Cheers! 

Nosé comes in a limited edition tin pop-open box and includes 8 pore-minimizing strips.

Nosé Pore Vacuum Strips

  • With a clean and dry face, wet the area with enlarged, clogged pores and place the Nosé strip directly on the skin (pink side down), molding to the shape of your face. Nosé is designed to use on the bridge of your nose, but you can also use it on your forehead, cheeks and chin.

    To complete the regimen: Use Hyablend as a post-treatment regimen, applying a few drops to the same area you applied the Nosé strip. It's rich in niacinamide (for anti-inflammation, calming and fighting bacteria) and hyaluronic acid for hydrating the area post-treatment. 

    The blessing: Nosé is blessed by a Buddhist monk to inspire good vibes. We're totally over clogged pores living with us rent-free, and Nosé is a super cute, super light, yet super effective way to kick em' to the curb with a smile. It's all good vibes over here!

    The Blessing: Every unit of Frozé Lip Scrub is blessed by a Buddhist monk to inspire the gift of forgiveness. Let the soft sweetness of this luxurious scrub remind you of the art of giving in and letting go where necessary. Call them — let them know you're good. Grow together. Xoxo.