You know when you just, like, vibe with someone? That’s us with Dippin’ Dots®! Dip into bright, radiant, bouncy skin with our cool ice cream-scented serum. With luxe ingredients like pure ascorbic acid, arginine amino acids and luscious glycerin, the Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream Vitamin C Serum brightens skin, reduces the appearance of dark circles, under eye bags and sun spots, fades hyperpigmentation, and lightly hydrates. Use as the base to your skin care or glam routine (under your fav moisturizer) or go naked with only the power of vitamin C. A summer staple with a sweet twist! This product is not edible! Keep out of reach of children.

Dippin' Dots® Vitamin C Serum

  • Use as the base to your entire skin/glam routine. On clean, dry skin, use a single pump to prime your entire face and neck for the rest of your routine, or wear naked as the only glow you need for the day. For a deeper soak and a brighter bounce, dab Dippin Dots® Vitamin C Serum in with a blending sponge to really lock it in. Let DxDD be the brightest point of your day. What are you grateful for?


    The Blessing: Every unit of Frozé Lip Scrub is blessed by a Buddhist monk to inspire the gift of forgiveness. Let the soft sweetness of this luxurious scrub remind you of the art of giving in and letting go where necessary. Call them — let them know you're good. Grow together. Xoxo.